Although many search engine users prefer to click on the natural or organic listings, sufficient numbers do click on the paid listings. Pay Per Click relates to those companies who have paid to appear at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for relevant keywords or phrases.

Despite the green box with the clearly positioned ‘’AD’’ many users are not aware that the three places appearing at the top or bottom in the result pages are even advertisements. Google has cleverly made the ads fit seamlessly into the results.

Pay Per Click has been more popular in recent years as organic SEO has become more challenging to get results. Paid search has one huge advantage over organic SEO; rather than waiting months for your SEO strategy to take effect you can pay to be placed at the top of page one of Google.

In the UK, Google Adwords accounts for around 60% of all paid media search. The Google AdWords program is the most successful Pay Per Click advertising program out there today. Adwords accounts for nearly 70% of Google advertising
revenue and nearly a third of revenue is now generated on the Google Display Network.


of people click on google ads when they are looking to buy an item online

google adwords account for around60%

of all paid media searches

google drives95%

of all paid search ad clicks on mobile

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Source: Smart Insights

Source: Business Insider

When working with Google Adwords, strategy and tactics are important to get a good Return On Investment (ROI). When managed correctly it’s possible to get a good amount of quality traffic instantly to your website.

For competitive keywords the cost of Pay Per Click advertising can be high, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most value from PPC by maximising your Google Quality Score.

Voodoo can help you to improve your ROI from paid advertising across Google Adwords on both the search and display networks. As part of our PPC Management services, We can work with you to structure your account by setting up tightly themed Ad Groups, looking at and developing your keyword strategy, create compelling call-to-action ads to improve the click through rate when someone clicks on your ads to visit your website.

To help you monitor how well your campaigns are performing online, we will setup goal conversions within your Google Analytics account to track when a visitor performs an action on your website. Each month we will send you a detailed report with information about your conversion rates, best performing keywords, and how much you are paying for each goal conversion.