With over 3.196 billion people actively using social media in 2018 your content can easily go unnoticed, hence the need for great content that stands out from the crowd. While strong content is vital, it is important that there is a strong promotional plan to back that up. Paid advertising allows businesses to target specific groups of people, which with 3.196 billion people online, is incredibly important. With our wealth of knowledge, we know exactly what to post and where. For example, a paid LinkedIn campaign is good for targeting people with specific titles or those who have specific skills listed. Whereas Facebook allows you to target by interests, gender, geographic location, age etc.

Engage with customers

Our highly skilled advertising team are excellent at designing, creating and executing ad campaigns across all of the common social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

How does it work?

Initial Consultation: We will have an initial consultation to determine your goals of the advertising campaigns.

Social Advertising Strategy: We will work together to create your social advertising strategy. This will include: Researching the key characteristics of your ideal customer and creating a target audience profile, set a budget by deciphering which are the best options for your marketing strategy and how we can ensure that we get the most out of your marketing budget and lastly we will set some clear objectives of the advertisement that we can measure at the end.

Build the ad: Our creative marketing team will create the campaigns, build the ads and install the necessary codes onto your website. We will also work together to set a list.

Reporting: We will provide you with a fully comprehensive report once the ads have run their course. We then use the information from these reports to guide us in the creation of the next ad.

Why Choose Voodoo Agency?

  • Experts in the Industry with 20 years of experience
  • Expert knowledge and skills to deliver a Return On Investment (ROI)
  • We add the personal touch and exceed client expectations


of adult internet users use facebook


of adult internet users use Instagram


of adult internet users use Twitter

Source: Pew Research Centre

Source: Pew Research Centre

Source: Pew Research Centre