Email advertising is essential

First and foremost, email marketing is a must for generating more business and helping to win new customers.

One of the most successful ways to gain new business and customers is to target them directly via email. Customers who engage with your brand within the realm of email tend to purchase at significantly higher rates. Especially in comparison to leads that are generated from other marketing channels. If your target audience is the older generation, then it is vital that email marketing forms a part of your marketing plan.

If email marketing is new to you or you have been unsuccessful in the past with using emails to promote your products or services then below you will find three of the most common mistakes. Mistakes that you should strive to avoid that really will cause a significant improvement in your email marketing campaign.

1. You must optimise for mobile

Today, more than 50% of emails are being opened initially on a mobile phone. This means that there is a high chance that your emails are going to be deleted within seconds of being opened if they are not fully optimised for a mobile device. As well as ensuring your optimised emails, your landing pages must also be optimised for mobile too. Otherwise, you will see a significant increase in the bounce rate of your website. Google favours mobile over desktop in its search results, making it even more critical to optimise appropriately. If you need help optimising your emails or landing pages, get in touch, and we will offer our expert advice.

2. Take advantage of A/B split testing

A great subject line will often do increasingly better than another. Split testing is vitally important for optimising your performance. To get the most out of your testing, write multiple subject lines, try different angles, try with and without images, short copy and long copy and see what works best. What you must remember is to only test one element at a time against the other. Then you can see what has made for better results.

Your results should then quickly reveal what works best for you, and what perhaps doesn’t work so well. It should help provide you with what you need to work on for any future campaigns, for example, if your open rates are weak, then you need to spend some time working on your subject lines.

3. Expand your reach beyond your industry

If you confine your campaign to a single industry then you are limiting your scalability. As often you will find lists that will reach the same audience and will deliver a strong return on investment as there is less competition and the prices are lower.

If you are starting out, begin with the most targeted lists for the product or service that you offer. Once you are confident in email marketing, you can begin to expand and explore the limits of how broad you can go. Then you should see a significant improvement.

Avoid these three key mistakes in email marketing, and you will increase your success rates significantly. Don’t worry if it all feels a little overwhelming at the beginning, it will all soon fall into place. If you are still not having success in delivering a robust email marketing campaign, then please call us on 03333 442 839 to see how we can assist you further.