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To help brands assess the effectiveness of their online presence, we have developed a comprehensive website audit process. This audit draws upon our extensive experience and industry knowledge, enabling us to provide you with a thorough analysis of your website’s performance. This analysis identifies areas for improvement and optimization, allowing you to enhance your digital presence effectively.

Our website audit is far from being a cursory glance at your online presence; it’s a meticulous deep dive into the myriad facets that collectively contribute to your website’s success. We leave no stone unturned, meticulously examining everything, from design and functionality to user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). By carrying out this comprehensive assessment, we aim to unearth opportunities and challenges that may be impacting your website’s performance significantly.

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Methodical Process

Key Elements of a Successful Website Audit

Each website is unique, with its own strengths and weaknesses. Our audit process is flexible, ensuring we remain attentive to the specific needs of each brand.

Technical Analysis: Before designing or creating content, our team assesses your website’s technical foundation. As part of this process, we will check website speed, mobile optimisation, and site structure and ensure there are no broken links or 404 errors. Search engine rankings and user experience depend on a solid technical foundation.

Content Review

In the digital world, content is king. We make sure your website’s content is not only relevant and engaging but also search engine optimised. Checking for keyword consistency, relevancy, and duplication is part of our process.

Design and Usability Analysis: A well-designed and well-functioning website can have a significant impact on user behaviour. Our team evaluates the design elements for consistency, intuitiveness, and mobile-friendliness. Moreover, we review navigation structures to ensure that users can easily find what they want.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Knowing how you stack up against your competitors can provide invaluable insight. Using industry benchmarks, competitor websites, and this data, we identify areas where your website can gain a competitive advantage.

Tailoring the Website Audit to Match Your Brand Needs

At Voodoo Agency, we recognise that every brand has a unique story and a distinct audience. Our website audit is not a one-size-fits-all process. Instead, it is a flexible methodology that adapts to each client’s needs.

As a result of the initial audit, we provide comprehensive feedback, highlighting areas for improvement and providing actionable solutions. In addition to identifying issues, our mission is to empower brands with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve the performance of their websites continuously.

In conclusion, a website audit is more than just a technical evaluation. It’s an in-depth analysis to ensure a brand’s digital presence perfectly aligns with its objectives and audience needs. With our extensive experience and passion for excellence, Voodoo Agency is your ideal partner for promoting your website online.

Case Studies
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Case Studies

LPCC website design displayed on laptops


LPCC underwent a rebranding process under the leadership of Andrew Snowdon, they engaged Voodoo Agency to provide a range of creative and technical services.

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NSI Projects logo

NSI Projects

Longtime client NSI Projects approached us in 2022 for a rebranding project. Services included brand guidelines, logo creation, web development, and print services.

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Safer Streets Liverpool digital marketing solutions campaign poster

Safer Streets Liverpool

Voodoo Agency developed compelling campaign concepts tailored to address the unique challenges of sexual violence and public safety in the Liverpool region.

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Vamove branding on mobile device


Vamove, a trusted UK property buying company required a full branding and website developemtn package to launch.

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Tech Advance Rebrands as Tech IP with the support of Voodoo Agency

Voodoo Agency supported Tech IP on their rebranding process, focusing on helping them with their website migration. Voodoo Agency's in-depth understanding of Tech IP's goals made a successful transition possible.

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tech ip logo

Celebrating Creative Excellence at the One Fylde Celebration Awards 2024

Voodoo Agency sponsors One Fylde to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of community heroes at the One Fylde Celebration Awards 2024. An event filled with inspiration highlighting the dedication of individuals and staff at One Fylde.

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One Fylde Celebration Awards 2024 Advertising Poster

Voodoo Agency Wins Groundwork Bid for Warrington Community Initiative

Voodoo Agency is delighted to announce it has won a marketing services tender with Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire & Merseyside, who act on behalf of Warrington Business Improvement District (BID).

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Branding Agency Wins Groundwork Bid for Warrington Community Initiative

Voodoo Agency Embarks on a New Web Project with MC Dental Ltd

Voodoo Agency is proud to announce its latest venture, a partnership with MC Dental Ltd, a renowned supplier of dental accessories and equipment in the UK.

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Voodoo Agency Embarks on a New Web Project with MC Dental Ltd