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With nearly 20 years of industry experience we are able to offer clients a broad range of marketing services.
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Strategic Marketing

Creating your marketing strategy  means understanding where your business is now and where you want it to be by a certain time. Voodoo Agency provides a range of strategic marketing services that can help your company grow...


Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is a marketing communications tactic that's an excellent way of promoting your business. Public relations is all about communication and getting your customers to talk about your business in a positive way. Our PR team works alongside our...


Brand Development

Successful brands are like well-known personalities - they have ways of doing things that we instantly recognise. They have a unique look, feel and tone of voice.


Graphic Design

A key role supporting a brand is the graphic imagery that is used to visually communicate who a company is and what it stands for. Voodoo understands how important it is to get the graphic design right to convey the right message about your brand.


Website Design & Development

How do you communicate your brand effectively online? More than ever before, everything in web design, from the look & feel, navigation, to content, must be designed to appeal to your target audience. Website visitors make judgements about the...


Mobile App Development

In 2017 mobile app revenue is going to be worth in excess of 70 billion US Dollars. Back in 2014 the number of global users using mobile devices overtook the number of desktop users. In 2015, 51% of users spent their time on a mobile device and 80% of internet...


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Successful Search Engine Optimisation attempts to achieve the highest possible ranking position in the natural or organic listings of the search engine results pages (SERPS) for a range of targeted keywords or keyphrases entered in to a search engine, such as...


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Although many search engine users prefer to click on the natural or organic listings, sufficient members do click on the paid listings. Pay-Per-Click relates to those companies who have paid to appear at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for relevant...


Social Media Marketing

It's critical for every business to have a social media strategy. The key is to have a strategy that understands your customers and helps them communicate with your brand on the platform or places that they are 'hanging out'.


Email Marketing

There are over 4.35 billion email accounts worldwide and 72% of email users say that email is their favourite form of communication with companies they do business with. Over 50% say they like to receive weekly promotional emails from companies they know.


Signage & Exhibition Systems

Maintaining a positive brand image and enhancing your profile goes beyond promotional literature and online marketing.

Corporate signage and exhibition systems are often...


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