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Vamove House Buyers - Case Study

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Rebranding and Brand Guidelines. Voodoo Agency embarked on a mission to provide Vamove with a refreshed brand identity that conveyed its commitment to expeditious property transactions. Our extensive market research and collaboration with Vamove’s team allowed us to create a new brand that encapsulates their mission and values. To ensure consistent brand application across all media, we also developed comprehensive brand guidelines.

Mobile-Responsive Website. Recognizing the importance of an optimised online presence for Vamove, we designed and developed a mobile-responsive website. The website provided an excellent user experience across a variety of devices and showcased Vamove’s unique services. The site was designed to engage potential clients and facilitate easy property auction inquiries.

Vamove 50 years of experience graphic design

Digital Marketing

Explainer Animated Videos. Voodoo Agency created engaging explainer animated videos to simplify and communicate Vamove’s services effectively. The videos helped potential clients understand why Vamove is the best choice for quick property sales by simplifying complex processes into easy-to-digest visuals.

Online Promotion. Voodoo Agency implemented a multifaceted online promotion strategy for Vamove. This included optimising the website for search engines (SEO), running targeted PPC campaigns to capture high-intent leads, and leveraging social advertising to expand Vamove’s reach. These efforts effectively increased Vamove’s online visibility and attracted a wider audience of potential clients.

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Successful Rebranding

Through collaboration and innovation, Voodoo Agency and Vamove achieved outstanding results. We successfully rebranded Vamove, developed a mobile-responsive website, and created engaging explainer animated videos to convey their unique selling proposition.

Furthermore, our strategic online promotion efforts through SEO, PPC, and social advertising significantly enhanced Vamove’s online presence and expanded its client base. Vamove is now better equipped to assist clients in the competitive London property market. It offers efficient property auction solutions with a brand that resonates with its audience.

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