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The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) allows for the simple upload, removal, and editing of your content. Information is easily modified using flexible sections and forms.

Additionally, WordPress has tools for SEO social media integration helping your promotional strategy. The WordPress content management system is easy to modify. This allows for the development of a ‘responsive’ website that works across desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Specialist WordPress hosting partner

Website hosting is an integral part of every successful web design project. A specialist WordPress hosting partner can improve the outcome of your SEO and support business growth. A faster website is good for user retention and user experience. There are various options but at Voodoo, we strongly recommend a managed WordPress hosting solution. It is fast, and secure, and automates all WordPress security updates. We call our solution the ‘WP Business Server’ and its benefits are as follows:

Our WP Business Server platform is specifically set up to run WordPress websites, not just any site that runs PHP. It runs the latest server software and server-side caching. This means your website is much faster than traditional hosting. Rather than hosting your website in a shared area, every website on the new platform is in its own contained area. This means issues with other sites won’t affect yours. This is a good security measure to have in place.

We include TLS (the latest encrypted SSL protocol) within the solution. The server is PCI compliant meaning it’s an excellent safe solution to run WordPress e-commerce websites. Most importantly, the solution automates monthly updates of WordPress core and third-party plugins. This means from a web-security point of view your website is as secure as it can be. You don’t have to request a developer to do this, the platform does it, therefore saving you money.

We recommend an hour of our technical support for non-hosting-related issues. Then you have a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. If your site ever got hacked on the WP Business Server platform we would fix it at no further cost. You see hosting on this platform as an insurance policy!

Website backups

Your website is backed up every day, so you can roll back at any time. On our hosting platform, backups are 100% free.

  • Daily backups.
  • Backups are taken between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • There is a 28-day retention period for backups. The newest backup continuously overwrites the oldest, so we retain 28 copies.
  • You must contact support to request a backup restore.
  • Backups contain SQL dumps of all databases.
WordPress hosting

Benefits of automating WordPress updates to core and plugins

Updating WordPress core and third-party plugins introduces new features and optimisations. But, most importantly, it brings increased website security. Due to the prevalence of WordPress, every WordPress development is a target. Sadly there are big returns for hackers who can fathom out how to break into WordPress websites.

Website hackers don’t care about how successful your website is. So any sized organisation is a target. They want to access your website data, send out spam, or carry out other criminal activity. To mitigate this, the WordPress development team releases updates to resolve vulnerabilities. The process is the same for the theme and plugins that the WordPress development uses.

Additionally, security flaws reports reveal information about the vulnerabilities. This means criminal hackers become aware of how to get into unpatched versions of WordPress. Therefore, it’s critical to keep your site updated to prevent cybercriminals from hacking your site.

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LPCC website design displayed on laptops


LPCC underwent a rebranding process under the leadership of Andrew Snowdon, they engaged Voodoo Agency to provide a range of creative and technical services.

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M6 Giraffe

M6 Giraffe approached Voodoo Agency to transform this potential into a robust brand and a lead-generating digital strategy.

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Safer Streets Liverpool

Voodoo Agency developed compelling campaign concepts tailored to address the unique challenges of sexual violence and public safety in the Liverpool region.

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Safer Streets Warrington

Safer Streets Warrington campaign for ensuring the safety of public places for all required varied print marketing materials including posters, liveries, and social media assets.

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