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Does your business utilise mobile applications? Perhaps a progressive web app is best for you?

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Why utilise progressive web apps?

Recent news has seen a shift from the design of native applications to the development of progressive web apps. These are cost-effective centralised solutions for delivering your app across any platform.

The reality now is that app usage accounts for a high percentage of the time users spend on a mobile device. Therefore, the majority of companies should now be investing in their own mobile app. Launching an app alongside a responsive website will enhance user experience and engagement.

Progressive mobile apps offer customer awareness and connection with your business. Most importantly they encourage users to interact and engage with your brand and promote advocacy. Mobile apps help to:

  • Educate users about your products and services.
  • Offer notifications help you push out a promotion.
  • Enhance trust and allow users to communicate with you.
  • Provide another channel for users to interact and engage and do business with you.
Mobile Apps

How do Progressive Web Apps work?

Voodoo Agency can work with you to design and develop an app using PWA technology. Progressive web apps are a type of app that uses standard web technology to deliver content in an app-like environment. PWAs use common technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows them to run on any platform that uses any standard industry browser.

Cost-effective app development

A PWA has an app-like interface, works on any platform, and like native apps uses push notifications to increase user engagement. Unlike native apps PWA’s utilise the content of your website to populate the app, this eliminates the need to develop an iOS and Android app. As a result, this saves money at the development stage and reduces maintenance costs.

The key thing in any progressive web application is to clearly define the purpose of your mobile app. From there we use wireframes or visuals to develop a mockup or prototype. Our front-end developers account for user interface design, synchronisation & caching of app data. The back end of the mobile app manages user experience and handles database integration.

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