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Telling Your Story the Voodoo Way

Every brand has a unique story, a legacy waiting to be shared. Our role at Voodoo is to articulate that story visually, making sure your audience doesn’t just see it but feels it. Remember the first time you walked into your favourite restaurant or store? That first impression probably played a huge role in your decision to return. Similarly, brands need that impactful first look, one that embeds into the minds of the audience.

Brands like Apple or Coca-Cola aren’t just names; they evoke feelings, memories, and experiences. They stand tall, not just because of their products but because of the consistency and magnetism of their branding. In this sea of businesses, Voodoo ensures your brand doesn’t just float but sails proudly. Trust isn’t given; it’s earned. Through meticulous brand design, we lay the foundation of that trust. We present your business as a credible and professional entity.

But branding isn’t all about the visuals. It’s an emotional journey. Just as we associate memories with songs or scents, a well-crafted brand evokes emotions. Likewise, it can sometimes give a sense of nostalgia and, other times, excitement and trust. At Voodoo, we don’t just design brands; we craft emotional experiences, ensuring every interaction deepens the bond between you and your audience.

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Branding Essentials with Voodoo Agency

The Logo: It’s not just a symbol; it’s your brand’s identity. At Voodoo, we prioritise creating a logo that mirrors your brand’s ethos while ensuring platform versatility.

The Power of Color: Every hue tells a tale. While blue might evoke feelings of trust, red could spark dynamism. We dig deep, understanding your brand’s core to curate a colour palette that speaks volumes.

The Right Font: Typography isn’t just about legibility; it’s about conveying a mood. With many options, our team handpicks fonts that resonate with your brand’s essence.

Brand Touches: Beyond the logo lies a world of visual possibilities. Icons, illustrations, patterns, and elements add a layer to your brand’s story. Our team at Voodoo meticulously crafts these elements, reinforcing your brand’s narrative.

The Language of Your Brand: Your brand’s voice is its personality. Be it playful or poised, we ensure consistency. This helps your brand communicate effectively forging deeper connections with the audience.
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Branding Design

Voodoo Agency: Crafting Brand Designs That Resonate

Brands come and go in the vast digital landscape, barely leaving a trace. With Voodoo Agency on your side, your brand will not just exist—it will thrive. We understand that brand design is more than just visual allure. There is a promise, a commitment, a voice that echoes long after the first glance.

Our team at Voodoo Agency is passionate about creating unique brand identities. Brans that will not only reflect the essence of your business but also resonate with your audience’s heartbeats. Once formed, a bond is difficult to break. With our thoughtful brand design approach, we keep your brand top-of-mind, inspiring recognition and evoking emotions with every encounter. Let Voodoo Agency guide your brand on its illustrious path.

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Case Studies
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Case studies

LPCC website design displayed on laptops


LPCC underwent a rebranding process under the leadership of Andrew Snowdon, they engaged Voodoo Agency to provide a range of creative and technical services.

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One Fylde logo design

One Fylde

As part of their mission to enhance their impact and outreach, One Fylde enlisted the help of Voodoo Agency in rebranding One Fylde, launching a user-centric website.

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Safer Streets Warrington print design posters

Safer Streets Warrington

Safer Streets Warrington campaign for ensuring the safety of public places for all required varied print marketing materials including posters, liveries, and social media assets.

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M6 Giraffe logo

M6 Giraffe

M6 Giraffe approached Voodoo Agency to transform this potential into a robust brand and a lead-generating digital strategy.

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