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Safer Streets Warrington - Case Study

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Campaign Creative Concepts. Voodoo Agency embarked on a journey to develop creative campaign concepts that would resonate with the local community. Our approach was consultative, involving input from stakeholders, including survivors of sexual violence. This ensured that our campaign would be sensitive, relevant, and impactful.

Branding & Brand Guidelines. To maintain consistency and clarity throughout the campaign, we created a distinct brand identity for Safer Streets Warrington. Comprehensive brand guidelines were established, ensuring that all campaign materials adhered to the established branding, enhancing recognition and recall.

Web Design & Development. To extend the reach of the campaign and provide a digital hub for information and resources, Voodoo Agency designed and developed a user-friendly website landing page for Safer Streets Warrington. A campaign toolkit provided access to all the campaign assets that trusted partners could use to promote the campaign across Warrington and beyond.

Safer Streets Warrington brand guidelines

Digital Marketing

Campaign Artwork and Materials. Our creative team produced a wide array of campaign materials, including billboards, signage, posters, leaflets, stickers, digital displays, and digital social media graphics. These materials were strategically designed to capture attention and communicate the campaign’s core message effectively.

Animated Explainer Awareness Videos. With our video production services, we created animated awareness videos to engage and educate the community. The videos provided accessible and visually engaging information about violence against women and girls. Warrington Council also asked us to create animations that would explain the safety measures in place across all Warrington Council Taxis.

Paid Social Advertising. We implemented paid social advertising campaigns across various platforms to maximise the campaign’s reach and impact. As part of these campaigns, specific demographics within the community were targeted in order to highlight the good work done by Warrington Police, Council, and other key stakeholders.

Safer Streets Warrington print design posters

Creative Campaign Concepts and Branding

Voodoo Agency’s collaboration with Safer Streets Warrington has resulted in a multifaceted campaign that addresses violence against women and girls, improves community safety, and raises awareness.

Through creative campaign concepts, branding, diverse campaign materials, web development, animated videos, and targeted social advertising, we have empowered Safer Streets Warrington to make a significant impact on addressing this critical issue.

Together, we have strengthened community resilience, support networks, and the overall safety of women and girls in Warrington.

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