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Paid social media advertising will get you much greater results when compared to an organic-only approach

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An Introduction to Social Ads

What does ‘social media advertising’ actually mean? In a nutshell, it includes any paid media that targets users on a social network. The hosting platform, for example, Facebook, receives the Ad spend.

Paid social advertising allows businesses to target promotional content to specific audiences. What this means is that we can be sure to deliver your message to your ideal customer. The alternative being organic posts, which need no Ad spend but cannot target an audience.

We can develop and implement an effective social media advertising strategy for you. We will manage targeted social media advertising campaigns and complex content marketing strategies.

Targetting your audience with social media advertising

With our social media advertising knowledge, we know exactly what to post, where to post and when to post. A simple example is a paid advertising LinkedIn campaign which is good for targeting business people. We can do this down to specific job titles or those who have the desired skills listed. Whereas Facebook ads allow you to target by interests, gender, geographic location, and age. You can even target based on recent shopping habits. The world of social media targeting can be complex but is an impactful way to get your business results and demonstrate ROI. Let us help get you started.

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How Does Our Social Media Advertising Strategy Work?

The huge potential of social Ads and sophisticated targeting, is an exciting opportunity for any business. However, creating social media adverts is not always easy. We have been running ads for many industries over many years and we have the knowledge to optimise your campaign. We can drive traffic to your website or app, or increase your social media followers for successful results.

Our skilled advertising team are excellent at designing and executing social Ad campaigns. We have experience across all major platforms; Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn. Following an initial consultation to determine your goals, we research your audiences. We set up a targeted advertising campaign in line with your budget and agree on clear ways of measuring your results.

Social platforms have evolved their audience targeting so advertisers can utilise first-party data. This data includes emails, mobile phone numbers, and app IDs to reach audiences with social ads. There are also complex retargeting options on all platforms. As well as using specific demographics such as age, location etc. targeting is further refined. This makes it possible to communicate with your target audience effectively. Paid social media is effective at every stage of the customer journey. From moving audiences from unaware to consideration, conversion, loyalty, and to advocacy.

A data-driven approach to targeting and optimising campaigns

Each campaign will have different goals and objectives for each individual business. We can develop a bespoke strategy that best fits each objective and implement the most accurate targeting options. Additionally, we choose the best ad format and placement that matches your target audience’s behaviour.

Social media advertising tracking will allow us to provide you with reports about the success of your campaign. This detailed information is then used to adapt the ongoing social strategy. A data-driven approach to build an even more successful advertising campaign moving forward. We will consult with you to help deliver the most successful results, across all campaigns and platforms. Need help with social advertising?

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