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Video can seem an expensive option when it comes to marketing your business online. Especially when compared to other content such as photography and blog posts. However, its impact can be huge and encourage users to take action and make a purchase.

The key fact is that video is more important now than ever with Google’s algorithms favouring websites with video. Potential clients spend longer on websites that present their information with video over pages and pages of text. Videos are more engaging and present information faster and easier. We can create an emotional connection between you and your potential clients. Beyond everything, video production is about trust.

With a creative video made by Voodoo Agency, you are starting the relationship between you and your potential clients. This will create more meaning for your audience when first introduced to your products and services. You will be promoting yourselves for who you really are. With content that has the potential to ‘go viral’ infectiously across your target audience and remain fresh in people’s minds. You’ll be selling more and gaining more business with the trust that clients will place in you. Without video, you’re just another website.

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What can video be used for?

You can use video in two main ways: to bring people’s awareness to your business and to keep them aware of your presence. At Voodoo, we offer both.

Voodoo Agency can create a bespoke video for your landing page to introduce potential clients to what you offer. We strive to understand your business and make a video unique to you so you stand out and attract your ideal client. On top of this as a company with knowledge in all areas of digital marketing, we are able to maximise the effectiveness of these videos. By using them to push SEO and get your website on top of others in Google’s search engine results pages.

With social media becoming so prevalent a campaign of specific social media videos can do wonders for your business. By reaching clients at the right time as they use social platforms. We sell to them softly with videos that introduce them to new products and services. Providing “how-tos” on relevant information and behind-the-scenes videos creates intrigue. Video shows transparency and trust in how your business delivers.

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One Fylde

As part of their mission to enhance their impact and outreach, One Fylde based in Blackpool enlisted the help of Voodoo Agency in rebranding One Fylde, launching a user-centric website.

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Safer Streets Liverpool

Voodoo Agency developed compelling campaign concepts tailored to address the unique challenges of sexual violence and public safety in the Liverpool region.

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