Voodoo Agency Wins Groundwork Bid for Warrington Community Initiative

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Warrington Calls for Creative Partners to Launch Promotional Campaigns

The Warrington Business Improvement District (BID) sought innovative proposals from communications agencies or freelance professionals for ongoing promotional campaigns.

The BID looked for a service provider and a creative partner who could deliver a comprehensive campaign that included branding, business and consumer engagement, videography, competitions, and paid advertising.

Branding Agency Wins Groundwork Bid for Warrington Community Initiative

Creative Branding Agency

Voodoo Agency stands out as an expert in the art of shaping brand identities that resonate with Warrington’s unique spirit and heritage. Brand strategy will elevate the local narrative to new heights. Their approach to brand development is meticulous and nuanced, weaving together Warrington’s rich history and contemporary vibe through sophisticated design elements. Their strategy involves using a dynamic colour palette that evokes the emotions and values that Warrington represents. It allows for a wide range of expressions that can adapt to various contexts while maintaining a strong brand identity.

Warrington Community Initiative

Additionally, Voodoo Agency incorporates locally inspired imagery that speaks directly to the hearts of the Warrington community and those who encounter the brand. More than just visual decor, this imagery tells stories, showcases local culture, and showcases Warrington’s unique landmarks. In this way, they ensure that all campaign materials, from digital ads to print brochures, evoke a sense of place and belonging.

Voodoo Agency’s meticulous brand development process creates a cohesive and compelling visual presence across all campaign materials. The blend of tradition and innovation ensures the brands they develop reflect Warrington’s heritage while also being forward-looking and dynamic. In addition to capturing attention, Voodoo Agency’s work fosters a deep connection with their audiences, strengthening the campaign’s overall impact.

Managing Director of Voodoo Agency, Simon Cocker, said: “We are delighted to partner with Groundwork on Warrington BID 2. We are committed to excellence in brand development and campaign artwork. The partnership with Groundwork reinforces our commitment to supporting community growth and prosperity in the North West.”

For further information on Groundwork’s local initiatives, visit their website or find out more about Warrington BID here.

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